Football has been a great sport for all age groups. There haven’t been any kind of variety in football instead just taking two teams chasing a ball to send it in the goal post and earn points. To enhance the interest of people in this sport, a variation offered is known as Bubble Bump Football. It is a sport similar to football but with a little advancement. A player’s body is encased in an inflated torus which covers the upper body plus head of the player. This game is played with friends in a team. It is normally played in big spaced halls or sports grounds with Astro Turf. It is a big plastic bubble which helps you when you fall, you won’t get hurt but will bounce back up. Bubble Soccer can be played by anyone above the age of ten and it is mostly the path of birthday parties, stag parties, corporate team building matches etc.

Originally, Bubble Football was first created by Henrik Invested and John Golden from Norway, in a TV Show Golden Goal. And then by 2014, it entered United Stated following the UK. When playing Bubble football, different scenarios which can be played out.

§ A crowd of people stands at one end making a Que while one person at the other finish. He then runs toward this group of people and dives at the collection annoying to knock as many of them possible.

§ Two group of actors line up in a circular ground and they have to push every other until one falls on the ground and couldn’t get up. This is Bubble Sumo.

§ Another game which can be played is one person is given the task to knock down as many players as he can while inside the bubble, stopping them from getting from one end to another. Whoever gets knocked down will join the person in the middle. This game is known as Bull Dog.

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