Bubble football refers to playing soccer with an inflatable added to it
22nd September 2019
Bubble Football is the best group sport game when life back to normal after the Corona pandemic
9th March 2021

Bubble football is a life-changing inflatable sport that guarantees joy and improved health to the participants.

It involves playing a soccer ball while the upper body parts of the player are encased in an inflatable bubble. And unlike other sports; it permits pushing, jumping over, and hitting down opponents. This usually results in players dropping, rebounding, and spinning on the ground, more so without sustaining any injuries. This enables them to enjoy the circular thrills which make them smile and laugh until their spinal cords start aching. For it is impossible to play this sport and skip smiling or laughing.
This sport is even more interesting when played with loved ones like family members, relatives, colleagues, friends, and teammates. This could be at festivals, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, reunions, church & family gatherings, carnivals, fundraising functions, stag & hen parties, corporate events, children’s outings, sports & entertainment galas, to mention but a few. The great thing is that it favors the majority which combines kids and grown-ups above 10 years old. Nonetheless, all minors are required to have agreements signed by their respective parents or guardians permitting them to play. Also; it is restricted from pregnant women, individuals under the power of Alcohol and Drugs, those with asthma, vertigo, and other related health problems.
Bubble football is one of the few sports where you can play carelessly, but still be guaranteed safety and improved health. This is due to the transparent bubble materials that are also resilient, reliable, and durable. The sport improves health through the vigorous exercises it enables the player to do while fighting for the ball with the opponent. These exercises include running, tracking opponents, physically contacting opponents, falling & rolling on the ground, and recovering from the ground. These activities are performed repeatedly throughout the game; thus improving the body’s circulatory system, evacuating wastes out of the body through sweat, improving mental & physical fitness, and relieving stress through having fun.

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