Bubble Ball Football

3rd March 2018

Bubble football is an inflatable sport

Bubble football is an inflatable sport which involves playing soccer while wearing round inflatable bubbles over the upper body parts. This bubble covers the head, shoulders, […]
2nd March 2017

Thinking of playing bubble football? Here are the three benefits of playing it

Did you at any point thought of playing bubble football? Am sure you imagined what might be some of its benefits and that alone impacted your […]
23rd May 2016

Fun You Can Have Playing Bubble Football

Nowadays most people are trying very hard to find ways to be decompression. Well, I have an answer to that, bubble football. With companies looking for […]
27th February 2016

Want Your Own Bubble Football Events Organize ?

Bubble balls just be with them in the city rent? We are the first point of contact for the bubble to buy football in the german […]