Bubble football is a life-changing inflatable sport that guarantees joy and improved health to the participants.
25th November 2019

Bubble Football is the best group sport game when life back to normal after the Corona pandemic

Bubble football is one of the most trending sports activities that have taken the world by storm. It can now be accessed by anyone across the world courtesy of the internet. It is such an amazing sport given that players enjoy the game of soccer while enclosed inside circular inflatables. The inflatable encircles the entire upper body from the head to knees. This sport is also famous because it involves players spinning on the surface of the playing ground, which results from pushing, knocking, and bumping into members of the opposing team. The main role of the circular inflatables is to protect the players before and after falling to the ground.
The structure of the circular inflatables is of exceedingly high standard with exceptional features. It is commonly manufactured from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) materials. They come in colorless form which allows immense light inside the inflatable and also enables the player to see clearly outside. The light is also essential in minimising claustrophobia effects. Furthermore; these circular inflatables are designed to suit both indoor and outdoor facilities ranging from turf, wood, carpets, gym floors, and grass. This signifies that bubble football can be played in gyms, basketball courts, tennis courts, football pitches, recreation centers, parks, and backyards, among others.
Bubble football is recommended for both kids and adults. Playing this type of sport is relatively affordable given that the circular inflatables/bubbles are readily available in different sizes and colors to fit the majority of potential participants. And besides, it can be customised to any size of your choice.

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