It involves diving and bumping into players of the opposing team while playing soccer. But, each player plays and dives while wearing a plastic bubble over their upper body, from the head to the knees. This bubble covers them entirely leaving only the legs in the open. The legs are vital in maintaining body balance and kicking the ball. The game generally involves players losing balance when bumped into, which causes them to fall and roll on the ground without getting injured. This, in turn, cheers them to have wide smiles and laughter.
The objective of the sport is to score more goals than the opponent by the end of the game. Also, there is no special number of players allocated per team though it is recommended not to congest the field, in order to have an interesting game. This game is also recommended for both kids and adults above 10 years of age, from 4’8” to 6’4”, and less than 240 lbs. Nevertheless, kids from 11 to 17 years old should possess waiver agreements signed by their parents/guardians seconding them to play. Furthermore; it is suitable for fields made of gym floors, hardwood, artificial turf, carpets, and grass surfaces.
On the other hand; all those within the age range but out of the height & weight range can still consult experience personnel to determine whether they can play. As a matter of fact; there is a chance to have a special bubble for such individuals since the bubbles can be customised into any design and size. That aside; bubble football is commonly practiced in schools, public parks, festivals, large auditoriums, recreations centers, stadiums, gyms, carnivals, sports arenas, to mention but a few. It is also very possible to own a plastic bubble at home, school, in an organization, or a company for the entire family, friends, relatives, and workmates to play together during their free time. Simply contact us on this website.

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