Bubble football is among the most interesting inflatable sports. It is full of fun and most importantly safe to play. It follows the same principles of playing regular football except for the introduction of a circular bubble alongside a few changes. It includes two teams competing against one another, and each team member puts on a circular bubble such that it covers their head, chest, shoulders, arms, and waist up to the knees. The ball is inflated such that it maintains a hard circular shape. After that, the game kicks off as teams fight for the soccer ball to defend or score against the opposing team.
This game constitutes serious bubble contacts as players push and bang opposing players by using the bubbles around their bodies. This usually results in falling to the ground from where they revolve and bounce repeatedly. And amazingly, no one gets hurt due to the protection provided by the bubble. The revolving players are however fond of laughing uncontrollably, which implies that they are enjoying the game. Bubble football is recommended for all those individuals above 10 years old while those below 18 years are supposed to present signed waiver agreements from parents/guardians allowing them to play. It is also recommended for both indoor and outdoor facilities like gyms, basketball courts, football playgrounds, parks, and recreation centers.
Meanwhile; bubble football is forbidden from those with health & medical conditions such as asthma, heart attacks, vertigo, nausea, and claustrophobia. It is further restricted from pregnant women and those under the influence of Alcohol and Drugs. Besides having fun, bubble football is also key to improving the health of participants. This is through working out the body to the maximum, which allows sweating out toxics from the body. This further helps in improving the blood circulatory system, maintaining the body physically fit, keeping the body in shape, losing weight, and relieving stress, among many others. For more information, kindly contact us on this website.

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