Are you an event organizer? Are you planning to make a simple birthday party for yourself, child, friend, or any other loved one? Or do you intend to make the after year party better? If so, bubble football is the sport that won’t disappoint you. This is because it is exceedingly like no other as it involves getting dressed in a plastic sphere, with which you play soccer. This sphere is transparent and thick which allows direct entrance of light inside, as well as a clear view of the outside. It is made of incomparable, resilient and durable materials which include PVC and TPU.
This type of sport involves foul play ranging from pushing, knocking, jumping over and bumping into players of the opposing team. This causes players to drop down, after which they rotate on the ground courtesy of the plastic sphere. This sphere protects them from getting hurt and instead gives them the repeated spins which make them laugh out loud. Each team should preferably have 5 to 11 players though can be lower or higher depending on the players available, and the size of the playing ground. Bubble football can be played on courts, open grassy fields, soccer pitches, backyards, gyms, recreation centers, and parks.
Meanwhile, bubble football is itself a great business opportunity for anyone to start with relatively little capital. The main requirement is to buy the plastic spheres/bubbles which are available in different designs, sizes, and colors for a wide range of clients to choose from. The other requirement could be renting a playing ground to offer bubble football’s rental services. The main advantage is that it can be played by both children and grown-ups above 10 years old and it requires no special skill to play. Nevertheless, all kids below 18 years old should present signed waiver agreements from their parents/guardians confirming them to play. And lastly; it is prohibited from those with asthma, claustrophobia, vertigo, nausea, and pregnancy.

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