Bubble football is a combination of inflatable and soccer ideologies.
24th April 2018
bubble football is the best event equipments in the UK
2nd April 2019

Bubble football is such a generous sport since it can be played by anyone who can walk

Bubble football is such a generous sport since it can be played by anyone who can walk. This is due to the fact that it entails patrolling the opposing players, chasing the ball, and staying on your feet the entire game. Besides that; it involves knocking down opponents to the ground to win the soccer ball, which is the central target of every player. It also requires wearing circular inflatables over the head, shoulders, arms, stomach, waist, thighs and the knees. These circular inflatables are also known for rolling across the field when the player is knocked down. They protect the players from harm and ignite smiles and laughter on their faces.

Bubble football is however recommended for both children and adults aged 11 years old and above. This is because it is the age group that relatively has the energy to handle the intensity of the game and be able to carry and withstand the weight of the circular inflatable. It is also limited from those individuals suffering from serious claustrophobia, severe headaches & dizziness, respiratory complications, nausea, pregnancy, and not forgetting those under the influence of ALCOHOL and DRUGS. Furthermore, all children aged 11 to 17 years old should present signed waiver agreements from their parents or guardians letting them play.

Bubble Football can be played on various types of fields like those made of carpets, artificial turf, gym surfaces, and grass. Nonetheless, it can carefully be played on beach sand. In addition; it is a perfect sport for families, friends, relatives, workmates, teammates, and neighbors to hang out together. It is also key in team building and tightening the bond between individuals. This sport mainly requires the circular inflatable bubbles for it to take place. And these bubbles are available in different designs and colors, which can be accessed easily via this website. The criterion is to contact us with you question, suggestion or order.

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