Bubble football is an inflatable sport
3rd March 2018
Bubble football is such a generous sport since it can be played by anyone who can walk
31st July 2018

Bubble football is a combination of inflatable and soccer ideologies.

Bubble football is a combination of inflatable and soccer ideologies. The players wear inflatable bubbles around their bodies except for the legs & feet. They thereafter play a soccer ball with the intention of scoring more goals than the opposing team. The number of players required to be on each team varies depending on the players available and the size of the pitch. However, it is recommended to have at least 5 players though can go up to 11 or more on each team. It is also recommended not to over congest the field for the game to be more interesting.

This sport is indeed like no other because it involves a lot of energy to push and bump into opponents. This makes opponents to fall and spin on the ground while encased inside the inflatable bubble, which protects them from acquiring injuries. This is further because the bubbles are made from astounding resilient materials in Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). The materials are also transparent to give the player a clear sight of the playing field, the opponents, the soccer ball, and the goal posts to score in. Also, the transparent nature of these bubbles reduces claustrophobia complications.

Just like football, bubble football also requires a playing facility. But unlike football, bubble football has various facilities to be played on. That is to say; soccer fields, recreation centers, public parks, basketball courts, open fields, tennis courts, and large auditoriums, among others. Because it is funnier to play; it is common at festivals, birthday celebrations, stag parties, weddings, carnivals, corporate events, sports & entertainment galas, school events, children’s functions, to mention but a few. Meanwhile, bubble football can be played by all including children above 10 years old. And all minors should possess signed waiver agreements from their parents/guardians allowing them to play.

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