Bubble football is an inflatable sport which involves playing soccer while wearing round inflatable bubbles over the upper body parts. This bubble covers the head, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, waist, thighs and knees. It leaves only the legs free which provides the body with balance while running around and kicking the ball. The sport also involves knocking, pushing, and jumping over the players of the opposing team. This usually leads to players dropping to the ground continuously, but without sustaining injuries. This is because the round bubble just rolls on the ground while giving the players a sweet experience of spinning thrills.
Bubble football also requires a flat playing field for the players to enjoy and play safe at the same time. The field should be maintained clean and free of sticks, rocks, dirt, shells, glass, liquids, and any objects or obstacles before the game. This is to minimise the chances of puncturing the ball from the outside. In addition, the playing field can either be indoor or outdoor depending on your choice or affordability. These include soccer pitches, public parks, recreation centers, basketball courts, backyards, gyms, and grassy open fields. These fields should also be well demarcated to lessen cheating and ensure a free and fair game.
Meanwhile, bubble football can be played by both children and adults above 10 years old. Nevertheless, children below 18 years are supposed to present a waiver agreement bearing signatures of their parents or guardians, permitting them to play. Participants are also required to tighten their safety by removing eyeglasses, sunglasses, belts, hats, watches, keys, and jewelry, among other accessories on the body. This is meant to prevent lacerating the ball from the inside. However, players are also advised to wear standard sportswear, knee pads, helmets, and sports shoes with no cleats before putting on the bubble. For additional information, kindly contact us on this very website.

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