Nowadays most people are trying very hard to find ways to be decompression. Well, I have an answer to that, bubble football. With companies looking for something to do on team building day, and families and friends looking for an activity they can do together, for sure bubble football is the perfect activity for all of them. This sport is a blessing that brings family, friends or workers together. For all bubble football fans, who have played it before can confirm this sport is unique and most interesting for a group of people.



Bubble football can also be referred to us, as bubble soccer is a recreational sport, which involves people who play it being encased in an inflated torus; it covers the players head and upper-head. This sport is can be played outdoors on Astro Turf or grass, or indoors in sports hall. This game is becoming very popular these days, with many individuals all over the world taking it up. It is a friendly sport that can be played with anyone above 10 years. It is more fun when it is played in bachelor parties, for companies team building, amongst friends, in stag parties and birthdays.

The bubble football uses a safe equipment that is made from special polythene material and Plato PVC. The ball that is used is usually shipped as a deflated product, but it is easy to inflate with the same equipment that you use to inflate air mattress. When you are playing this sport outdoor, ensure the ground is level and free from any rocks, sticks or debris. Additionally, remember that you should not play bubble football in bad weather such as high winds or rain.

This sport can be more fun when people playing it have safety in mind. If anyone has any medical condition, he/she should consult a doctor first before he/she tries to play bubble soccer. Before any ball is used, it should be inspected first to ensure that it is working properly. The handles must be attached and you should ensure there are no any holes or tears. Once you have finished using the ball, make sure you have cleaned and dried it, before you store it. This will prevent any development of molds.

It is not a must you play it, you can just sit aside and watch your colleagues, friends or family members bumping into each other, losing their balance and falling over one another trying to showcase their football skills.

You do not know how it feels like to play football while you are inside a bubble. I can assure you it is a totally different kind of sport compared with anything out there. This game is played as a team with an aim of scoring as many goals as possible as the opposing team. The players try very hard to collide with each other meaning that any effort of playing actual football brings out entertaining results.

If you are one of those people who is fed up watching football on TV or you feel sorry for some missing goals and you just want a match where you can just be shooting for goals. It does not matter if you are a sports enthusiasts or a lover of football, or maybe you rarely exercise, so long as you need a breakthrough in the old traditional match of football, or you want to be a player, you just need to try bubble soccer. You can be assured it will give you unforgettable and a special experience, which you will never get from the normal football games.

Unlike normal football, the players do not have pressure. The only think the players need to have is fun. To be able to defeat the other team you need to select your team to compose of people who have good skills and physically fit. There is no age limitation for the players; both children above 10 years and adults can be chosen to form a team.

No matter what people think or say, bubble football is the fun activity your family, friends and coworkers have been looking to do as a group. It engages everybody and at the end of the game, everybody will walk home exhausted and happy. Do not wait anymore, have fun today playing Bubble Football.

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