13th June 2017
Play Football as being a football…. A New Way to Play Football
13th July 2017

Bubble Football is among the newest popular games in the world since its invention in 2011.

Bubble Football is among the newest popular games in the world since its invention in 2011. Bubble Football also referred to as Bubble Soccer, was first created in Norway by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. In the beginning, the game struggled to penetrate major markets like United Kingdom and U.S.A as investors saw less potential and future for the game. But today, besides being a very fun game, it is internationally recognised.
Bubble Football is the game to play if you want to let loose. It has no or extremely limited injuries. We guarantee your safety as you unwind while participating in this great game. This is the game where your upper body parts, from the head to your waist, have guaranteed protection. This is because they are enclosed in a bubble suit made of;
• Strong, Non Toxic, Colourless, and Tasteless materials; to maximize the safety of the players involved.
The bubble suit material is strong enough to not burst or break when the player falls. It is colourless thus enables the player to see clearly wherever he is going. However, it quite obstructs you from seeing your legs and where you are stepping on as you dive and jump on each other. This is where it gets interesting.
Bubble football is a game for everyone above 10 year. Therefore, children can also get involved. It has expanded to events like;
• Primary, Secondary, College and University Schools.
• Parties, Corporate events, Wedding parties, and many more.
The bubble suits come in different sizes for all the recommended ages to ensure comfort and that no one is left out. For further guaranteed safety, it is recommended that you play Bubble football from;
• Indoor soccer fields, Basket ball courts;
On mediums like
• Carpet, Hard wood, Turf and Grass
Bubble football gives you a good time and helps you unwind from your daily routine activities. Try it out today! Visit our website for more information on the same.

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