Play Football as being a football…. A New Way to Play Football
13th July 2017
Bubble football is derived from two different words
12th September 2017

Bubble football was founded by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in Norway 2011.


Bubble football was founded by Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in Norway 2011. It began like a joke with only a handful of people who believed in it, simply because it was funny. And indeed, it is fun to play.
Bubble football is a different or newer kind of football, where you get your upper body inside a bigger bubble and play smaller bubble balls. Unlike football, bubble football does not require a goal keeper as the hands of the players are also enclosed in the bubble. The game generally focuses on bumping and bouncing into opponents.
It is an interesting game that cuts across all divides as;
• Any gender can participate.
• Any one 11 years and above qualifies to play.
• No special skills are required, though there are rules that govern the game.
• No special clothes or equipment required. However, it is recommended they wear standard athletic clothes and shoes.
This is the game to play at your birthday celebrations, fund raising functions, children’s (11 years above) day out, stag and hen parties, corporate events, or any other function that comes to mind.
The suitable venues appropriate for this game are;
• Indoor parks, basket ball courts, soccer fields, just to mention but a few.
• Outdoor fields can be allowed BUT only on marked parks and backyards.
• It is highly recommended to avoid stickers, stones or dirt as they threaten the integrity of the bubble.
For safety concerns of the players; No cleats or jewellery is allowed, Sharp objects, and eye glasses or sun glasses. The latter are not allowed in the bubble suit/ball as things may get a bit rough into the game and they are prone to breaking.
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