Bubble football is derived from two different words; bubble and football. It is a direct interpretation of uniting a bubble and a football. In simple terms, bubble football is playing soccer in bubbles. While you play, you carry a heavier inflatable tube on your head covering your upper body through your shoulders. This tube is made up of high grade thermoplastic materials like Thermoplastic Polyurethane, TPU. This tube allows you to jump, bump, bounce and roll down the field. As you play, you will laugh and enjoy the fun it creates.
In 2011, Bubble football was created for children to let loose during playtime. Little did the founders know that they had laid a strong foundation for an incredible sport. It grew into a fashion sport from Norway across Scandinavia. Today, it is governed by The International Bubble Football Association. With less than 10 years of existence, the sport’s first ever world cup will take place in the summer of 2018.
This game is only prohibited from children aged 10 years and below. This is mainly because these children can not contain the weight of a bubble on top of their shoulders.
This sport can be played during your leisure time, community activities, corporate events, children’s parties, and football leagues.
When you play this game, you;
o Bounce and roll on the ground.
o Won’t feel any pain when you hit the ground.
o Have to laugh unusually.
o Exercise your entire body.
o Interact with/make friends.
Fitness. Bubble football allows you to work out your body in various ways such as; running, jumping, bouncing, rolling, getting knocked on to the ground and getting back up. This will make you sweat as you bond with your friends. The workout will keep you in shape and improve your health.
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