• Bubble Football was invented in 2011, in Norway by Henrick Elvestad and Johan Golden. The founders themselves never expected this game to spread all over the world as it has.
How it’s played:
• First you wear your inflatable bubble ball or suit, spots attire and shoes without cleats. Thereafter, you will assemble in different numbers usually 5 versus 5 on each team. Each team aims at scoring goals against the opponent. The team that scores more goals by the end of the game emerges the winner.
• But, much as winning is all about scoring, the real gist of the game lies in getting knocked down and spinning on the ground in those hilarious inflatable bubble tubes.
Scenarios that are played out during the game:
• Bubble bowling. This is when a group of players stand at one end of the pitch while another player at the other end. This player’s job is to run and dive at the group and try knocking down as many as possible.
• Bubble sumo. This is when two players line up in a circle drawn on the ground, with the objective being to push each other out of the circle.
• Bulldog. This is when one player is given the task of knocking down as many players as he can while inside the bubble, stopping them from getting to another end of the pitch. Whoever gets knocked down joins the bulldog in the middle.
Who to play:
• Anyone can play so long as he or she is above 10 years of age. For players above 6’5” tall and 250 lbs, first consult before you play. Same as those below 4’8” tall. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign a liability agreement permitting you to play.
• Anyone with a medical condition that restricts exercise, suffers from asthma, vertigo, claustrophobia, etc must consult his/her doctor prior to playing. Lastly, anyone under the influence of drugs should NOT play.
Where and when to play Bubble Football:
• Indoor or outdoor fields are perfect. Indoors must be carpeted, turfed or padded.
• Apart from leisure, you can play bubble football at functions, birthdays, meetings, mothers’/fathers’ day out and many more.

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