In less than 10 years of its existence, Bubble Football is currently being played around the world in countries like Australia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, United Kingdom and the USA. Its spread started when a Norwegian television sports show clip went trending on YouTube in 2011. The clip went viral registering more than 3 million hits.
You may doubt its protection but its safe, alright! You won’t be convinced until you play in it or see others wearing, playing and bouncing in it. Here is your full bubble football kit:
ϖ An inflatable bubble suit – to protect your upper body to your waist.
ϖ Loose and comfortable sports clothing, preferably without zippers.
ϖ Appropriate closed foot wear like gym shoes without cleats of any kind.
Note: No jewellery, necklaces, watches, rings/earrings anywhere on your body. No hair barrettes or bobby pins, no belts, casts, sunglasses or eyeglasses unless worn with sports goggles and a head strap.
You qualify to participate in this game only if you are 11 years or older. 4’8” – 6’2” tall is the preferred height.
For your safety, avoid playing in dirty environments. Cleaner outdoor or indoor venues are perfect for this game as there is a lot of falling and rolling on the ground during the game.
The benefits of playing bubble football ranges from the players to viewers as well as from children to adults. Below is a summary;
ϖ Improves your Health. This game contributes to your overall health through running, jumping, jogging and rolling. This increases the metabolic rate hence burning the excess fat in your body. It also strengthens your bones and alleviates stress.
ϖ Promotes team work. This game covers interaction principles, coordination and communication among all team members.
Bubble Football is your best sports option for your leisure time, get-togethers with friends, family reunions and the list goes on and on.

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