Nursing bubblefootball, as its name suggests is nursing live bubblefootball not let other Rob to, this is all free footbubblefootball attack routine of based, because only bubblefootball in himself feet to launched attack, or all are no meaning, this is all fixed team players must has of based and consciousness, wild team player often no this aspects of consciousness, a got bubblefootball on immediately wants to with how had people, results most next are is became eat grass machine, some good attack situation on white ruined off, so nursing bubblefootball is all team war heavy in the of heavy, Only one bubblefootball per player has good awareness to improve bubblefootball possession in order to control movements.

How bubblefootball players ? When you have a defender when turning not exposing the bubblefootball this is the bubblefootball in front of him, pulled the bubblefootball in midfield skills could also play a role in bubblefootball striker to turn around bubblefootball, bubblefootball in short, is to keep the bubblefootball away from the other regional security guard defenders off the bubblefootball at your feet, the following


Figure in the red zone defense in the bubblefootball zone ( General cutting area for the defender in front of 180 degrees around a bust to a fan-shaped area. ) If the ball the bubblefootball into this part of the region there is a strong risk of being cut off the bubblefootball, we should put the bubblefootball away from this area, which we called a ball with the bubblefootball outside the area, to keep in mind is not your purpose, nursing strike is your most important responsibilities.


Figure in the Red points for attack players, spots for defensive who, red points players through everyone of nursing bubblefootball, and passing and runs, slowly of will attack formation to other of area advance, middle of process to after players Zhijian kept of passing pour feet to achieved, this all of premise is to first nursing strike, nursing strike to has extra of energy to observation field Shang teammate of runs thus improve passing precision degrees and success rate, some players a took bubblefootball on biography this is errors of, such outgoing to of bubblefootball most are no depend on and location are bad , Or bubblefootball in road on was broken or bubblefootball players bubblefootball moment on was broken, thus was others playing counterattack, right of practices is bubblefootball should to defensive players less of place biography, bubblefootball who bubblefootball Hou first pieces thing to first nursing strike then fast observation field Shang players of runs, looking for has empty document easy received bubblefootball of teammate outgoing to, then himself runs again bubblefootball again nursing bubblefootball again biography, such slowly of ahead advance, to guarantee attack of success rate, also has a thing is midfielder players don’t old wants to with a feet on can to area to striker broke, General formal team striker is bound to be targeted in the war dead, which requires multiple passes between the two or more midfield players rolling in order to find out each other’s vulnerabilities in Defender, killer blow, always try to resolve the fighting on my own is not enough, her eyes vacant team-mates rather than individualism, and this point to keep in mind. ( If they are not understood, but reference to the video and see how others protect the bubblefootball. )


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