Practice ball is the most basic, fostering ball sense and skills, as you can using the foot, thigh and head bounce 100 More times without landing are almost the same. While practicing physical qualities, mostly running. Endurance run, varied pace, acceleration runs, shuttle run, increased speed and leg strength.


Complex technical action is the sport’s main content. Not only in the game requires skill of dominate the ball, grab the ball, but also to be able to dominate the ball and scramble for the ball, action action. Is also the kind of consistent with reasonable rules during the match with the ball and without the ball movements in today’s complex and volatile football offensive and defensive techniques. Football skills technique with the ball and without the ball technology can be divided into two broad categories.

No ball

Start-up: starting in place, activities start.

Run: run run run, Sprint, curves, lines, running sideways, insert the shoulder running, back and forth.

Emergency stop: the positive stop, turn and stop.

Turn; turn before and after the turn.

Feint: no ball fakes.

Skills with ball

Played: instep, instep, inner lateral tops, feet, toes, and feet.

Ball: the inside of the foot, foot, instep, the tops of the side, chest, abdomen, legs and head.

Head: front, forehead, sides of the forehead.

Dribbling: tops medial, lateral foot and instep, legs inside.

Grab the ball: front gun interceptions, after reasonable collision grab the ball and side broken tackles and interceptions.

Feints: feint with the ball.

Throw-in: throwing the ball, running in place to roll the ball.

Goalkeeper technique: stance, moving, locating, catching, bashing the ball, bat, ball, throw ball, play football.

Technical analysis of ball

Technology without the ball, which means without the ball by running, jumping, moving without the ball, as well as a variety of other actions. According to statistics, a strong ability to control the ball player was only able to control the ball for about two or three minutes, excluding all cases dead stop timing, and much of the rest is used for activity without the ball. Bubble Football mastery using reasonable therefore plays an important role in the entire tournament.

1 . Starting

2 . Starting in football matches is the completion of every action is based, to some extent, affect the quality of technical movements, abrupt fast-start, able to complete each technique with the ball to gain time advantages. In the press, or other obstruction in the fierce scramble defence to get the ball, only the sudden quick start, will it be possible to temporarily get rid of the opponent, the first insert slot to receive and handle the ball. In rapid succession in passing, defensive players just suddenly fast-start, will it be possible to stare at his opponent, to intercept and destroy the opponent to control the ball. Therefore, suddenly quick start is ahead of the competition or the dollar peg an opponent in a short distance, effective means to occupy a strong position.

3 . From a biomechanical perspective, suddenly starting also quick to play speed speed as soon as possible, providing maximum momentum and kinetic energy.

4 . Starting in the football game is varied, in stillness, jogging, jumping up after landing, during the crawl process, are in the process of turning, in the process medium back. But no matter in what circumstances a starter, you must pay attention to the following several points:

① low center of gravity of the body, straight quickly moved forward.

II quick Cadence, stride length is small, fast and powerful rear leg.

③ two-arm two-leg movements force quickly swing back and forth.

Black-eye attention around the team’s location changes, taking into account the movement of the ball. Help after starting the action interface.

2 . 跑

Running is people’s basic skills in football games, run only master correct and rational use of technology in all forms of running, can play a positive role. Speed has become one of the characteristics of modern football. While sprints are ‘ football speed ‘ an important part of it. In full football match, player as the ball moved and changed circumstances on the field, in the speed of movement, pull the offensive players get rid of get-away space, occupying a strong position. Player to intercept scramble, covering each other, Tight Marking and quick runs are needed to complete. Therefore, the run is an important and indispensable technology without the ball in soccer.

After running technology the main action is the pedal forward. Rear leg action, first by stretching the hip began, when body weight projective line when you leave the support points, to quickly and effectively extend the hip joint, knee joint, the last toe push off the ground. Back step at the end of three joints to stretch hip, knee and ankle. Qian pendulum is Dang support leg began Hou pedal Shi, swing leg to knee leading, thigh led shank active forward above swing, with side hip with zhiqian sent, to led body Qian moved, size leg natural folding to narrowed pendulum site, accelerated Qian pendulum speed, dang thigh pendulum to Supreme points Shi, and began active Xia pressure, shank with inertia forward swing, with forefoot Palm natural and active to with to, finished ? quot; Loosely ‘ actions. While proper upper body leaning forward and wiggled his arms quickly and effectively, coupled with two legs fast pedal set, pushing the body to move forward quickly.

In football, with the change of attack and to defend, team members must fully grasp the jog, run, ran in a straight line, curve running, line running and running sideways, Raglan running back running without ball.

( l ) Sprints

Run fast is moving at the speed of … Running speed is determined by the stride length and stride frequency. Maintain a pace of conditions, accelerate the stride frequency is an important way to improve speed. Also maintain a cadence of conditions, increasing stride length can improve running speed. But in football game in the due to by at of situation different, requirements runs stride, and step frequency are to has changes, as in close opponents and ball Shi and the and other race ball of situation Xia, runs stride will small some, step frequency is to fast some, gravity low some, body Qian pour angle to small, such on can compared easy of control body balance, on can timely to made needs do of various technology action, and can at any time adjustment change action and ran of direction, on has has larger of flexibility, to played himself of maximum speed. In particular need to be fighting for, Rob, Rob shot and other cases, but also need to increase stride length and speed up the frequency; to win an instant good time.

( 2 ) Curve runs

Curves running in order to bypass the opposing player, takes the ball, cut inside surrounded, off to grab the ball, looked into opponents taking runs. When curve running, the development of the situation around the eyes and the ball, the body tilt inward and shoulders lower than the outside shoulder and medial knee slightly outreach, lateral knee buckles, medial to lateral and lateral crura of the soles of the feet stomp hard on the inside of the foot.

( 3 ) Line runs

Running stitches are offensive players to get rid of an opponent or more commonly through a running approach to defence.

Line when running left and right in front of eyes take a look at their own neutral, by suddenly folded in one direction to the other direction, the upper body and head towards the intended twist, tilt, focus also moved quickly to the side of the body, while opposite foot Stomp.

( 4 ) Running sideways

Is running sideways in order to observe the situation on the field, ready to participate in the specific combination of offensive and defensive method of repositioning moves.

While running sideways, the upper body slightly turned to one side of the ball, toes facing the running direction, his eyes keep watching development in and around the offensive and defensive sides of the ball team’s location, activities, so as to participate in specific cooperation or to take personal action.

( 5 ) Raglan run

Raglan is running in order to limit the running side by side with their opponent’s movement speed, battling for the location or method used to fight for the ball.

Raglan is run when closer when you’re running side by side with their rivals, shoulder forward on the side in contact with the opposition out, while upper body oblique inserted opponents with their chest on the same side and almost stopped swinging arm on the same side, with opponents ‘ running speed.

( 6 ), Running back

Running back with little control for a long time, most likely to slow their speed, waiting to grab or when an opposing player in the circumstances threatening the goal, in order to peg an opponent, limit their activities, often running back.

When running back, Center of gravity shifted down slightly and, leaning the body later. Stride length is smaller, faster Cadence, pedal and had to leave the ground, but not high, slightly open arms swing naturally maintaining body balance, eye ball position, the position and activity of the opposing teams, as well as a team-mate to defend, and so on, in order to determine their next move.

  1. emergency stop and turn around

Change of attack and defense in the game and the position of the ball are also subject to change. In order to get rid of an opponent or no opponent turned down, needs players sometimes suddenly stop running in a speed run and suddenly stop running immediately after the turn and turn back or alter the direction of movement.

Sudden stops and turns players in the game can be divided into positive stop, turn and stop, forward turned and turned.

( 1 ) The front stop

When the emergency stop, decreased body weight and after a quick move, the upper body slightly forward, one leg and foot forward steered over before hard pedal, make the upper body leans back brake rushed forward and one leg bent slightly later opened to support the body’s balance, stopping the run.

( 2 ) Turn and stop

Turned nasty when gravity drop, the upper body slightly forward and quick to turn and twist and tilt and gravity to the turning direction with lateral knee turn, lateral stomp of the feet, toes pointed in the turn direction, opposite legs advanced rapidly. Actively pushing on the inside of the foot so that the whole body becomes introverted, brake rushed forward, stop running.

( 3 ) Turn before

Turn your knees slightly bent, and gravity to the turning direction of the foot on the same side, to turn upper body tilted, reversal and opposite foot foot pedal at the same time, rapid rotation, pedal foot step.

( 4 ) Then he turned

Turned, turning opposite the direction of the pedal, shifted focus, turning back in the body at the same time, lifting the outside and forward another foot, toes turned backward, towards the rear of the body.

  1. body feint

In the game, in order to get rid of an opponent’s press or in order to rob the opponent controlled the ball, often fast and realistic body feint action so often produced errors in judgment, leading to wrong action or actions to achieve its intended purpose.

Realistically and feints, corresponding response the opponent. When the opponent accordingly, reaction time, and changed from false to true, actions must be done suddenly and in order to achieve the desired results. So freely in the fast virtual shake control the movement of their body weight, are key factors in successful feints.


In short, technology is an indispensable part of football without the ball. In practice, it is necessary to correctly understand the essentials of action, combined with the necessary physical fitness and ball exercise, as well as according to the sport’s characteristics can fully master the ball technology.


Structural analysis of technical analysis-kick with the ball


Sphere is fast and intense resistance conditions and accurate completion of key parts of the technique, is the important content of Zorb football skills.


1 . Play


Play is the athlete purposefully uses areas of their feet to kick the ball out to target destinations. Therefore, play action is always connected with the purposeful actions, form a complete technique of playing with different footwork.


Play in football is the leading and most widely used as a basic technology, game, each team must pass 350 ~ 500 About race double on average each 5 ~ 7 Seconds at a time to play football. The game, played mainly for the passing and shooting, is the principal means of offense and defense. Players of football technique, direct effects of passing, shooting and tactical effect. Therefore, the athlete play mastery of how sports have a decisive influence on the team.


( l ) To kick: structural analysis


There are many ways of playing, Essentials also vary, but each method of play is supported by a run-up, stance, feet kicking leg of playing ball and with the ball swinging, foot movements. It is composed of five steps to kick the complete structure. Instep-kick below as an example. Playing in the whole process of structural analysis.


Instep’s frontally-refers to a diyi、er、San、SI metatarsal bones of the foot and metatarsal base section, instep part. When metatarsal when bent and slightly everted, forms a large plane of the instep is commonly referred to, use this part to hit, said a foot frontally.


① running: running and is ready to play a few steps before running, was playing the first part of the whole process.


Effects: approach’s main function is to adjust the distance and direction of the man with the ball, swing better strength, increase shot power, running the final step to be slightly larger in order to gain some initial velocity and put your kicking leg swing range and speed, and brake body forward.


Process and requirements: the first is to judge the right distance. Running with the ball in the direction of line ran in a straight line.


Action should be relaxed, and pace evenly, throughout the run-up is the acceleration process, especially the last two steps must be fast, in order to increase the kicking leg swing and swing speed, requiring last-step approach to slightly larger. Support feet step the selected impact point to be exact. Before playing, not only to gain some forward momentum, and in order for the body to avoid premature when playing forward and reduce the step angle before, the last step to step, support landing legs must be active on the ground.


Error prone: beginners step judgement is bad, last step foot placement is allowed. Speed control is not good, easily fast forward swing, or no acceleration, which can affect the right to kick.


② foot positioning: the anchor position of the last was feet kicking stance.


Role: foot position are the pillars of stability of the athlete’s body weight when playing, only stable support body weight, of the kicking leg has strong focus will swing for maximum swing speed. Therefore, the foot in the process of playing both play a role in supporting your weight and to keep the body balanced.


Process and requirements: last-step approach, support feet to move the ball around the axis parallel, feet distance from the ball around 10 ~ 15 Cm, toes facing the ball. As the body moves forward, support feet into a rolling ball transition from heel to toe. Knees slightly bent along with knee angle 135° ~150°. Its role: first reduce knee joint caused by straight leg compression and impact, make the Sartorius muscle, tensor fascia latae, Rectus Femoris, respectively, a share of momentum caused by the braking action. Followed by reduced braking. If straight-leg support will inevitably lead to larger reaction, because the knee slightly bent played a buffer role, which when ground reaction forces can be reduced. To decrease braking effect.


Error prone: Starter support feet should not be allowed, prone to the following three types of errors: first, support feet in front, resulting in insufficient acceleration leg, calf started to accelerate after the kick the ball over, resulting in hitting hard line with an angle to the ground, the ball is not moving forward, but below the forward. Second, support landing legs back, leg swings of more than your body weight, body weight dropped back, causing the hips sit down under the upper body leaning back, kicking the ball underneath, causing the ball high. Third, support feet far away from the side of the ball, or the more recent, namely foot and the ball closer than 10 cm or larger than 15 cm and are destroyed according to the structural characteristics of the human body needs a reasonable price. Caused post-central contact point is not a ball, but left or right.


③ kicking leg swing: the swing is at the foot of the kicking leg step and the last step forward when it kicked off from the ground, go back up in the supporting foot touches the ground at the same time hip-axis, driven from back to front leg pendulum movement of the thigh.


Role: swing of the kicking leg is the main source of power, kicking leg size swing speed and swing influences of hitting power. According to the principles of mechanics: action size depending on the speed of the size. Therefore, in order to increase the stroke’s strength. Must be to speed up the legs swing speed, especially calves of fast forward.


Process and requirements: the kicking leg swing natural backswing and accelerate forward can be divided into two stages.


Since then swing phase; with support on your feet at the same time, swing legs to hip-axis natural swing, shank natural bent backwards, ankle to relax.


Accelerated swing phase. Dang thigh Hou pendulum shank natural backward bent Shi, makes iliac waist muscle, and unit four head muscle, and wide reinforced film Zhang muscle, and sewing Carpenter muscle, was extreme elongated Hou, began function sex contraction, such makes playing leg to thigh led shank by Hou forward swing, dang thigh led shank Qian pendulum Shi, except above muscle forced contraction outside, package around bin bone of tendon and ligament a Zhang a shrink, makes leg of swing speed rapid accelerated. That’s what shank with explosive acceleration, to produce a maximum speed of ball. The stage was decided to pool the strength and accuracy of the critical stage.


Prone to mistakes: first, the rear legs should be carried out simultaneously with the supporting feet, beginners sometimes easy to create the supporting foot touches the ground after, to begin the backswing, do make a coherent action in stark isolation, destroyed the continuous coordination of movement. Second, when the front of the thigh, calf failed to make explosive acceleration, premature or accelerated, resulting in incorrect actions of playing straight leg. Third, the leg should be hip-shaft, drive shank vertical swing of the thigh, because of the supporting foot toes misaligned ball direction, caused the swing direction is not correct.


Black-foot ball: the ball includes the parts of the foot and the ball of the foot hitting the site and moments of intense action of the ankle.


Function: accurate foot hitting the ball is decides the direction and strength of the key, the whole body strength and coordination (muscle relaxation and tension) are reflected in the impact the ball rapidly from rest to fly out.


Process and requirements: first, when Shanks accelerated forward, and hallux Longus tension buckle ankle foot straight, instep after hitting Central, when the force is through the central axis of the ball straight ahead along a straight line (playing Curveball). Second, according to the principle of elastic collisions of mechanical objects, produced is inversely proportional to the size of the force and collision time, with the quality and speed of an object is proportional to the differential. Therefore, to make the batting strength, accuracy, you must shorten the leg time with the ball, that is, to speed up the swing and strengthen the hardness of the foot, which is commonly used term ‘ quick kick, straight feet. ‘ Third, when the body must be in the ball of the hip joint over, this is the most ideal time to foot ball, because if the hip is not over, and in front of a vertical line above the leg cannot fully fast forward. If you fall on the ball of the hip joint vertical line above, then completion of the front of the thigh, calf has been put up, caused the ball too high.


Prone to mistakes: first, the hit of the moment, his ankle must bear. As buckle ankle could control the ball, and increase foot hardness increases hitting power, foot and ankle and a buckle resulting balls unable to. Second, when the support feet in front or back, not in the ball of the hip joint caused over, so that after the foot cannot hit the ball in Central, but the upper or the lower, hitting the impact effect. Third, hit points left or right (playing Curveball exception) in the direction of the resulting force left or right, not going in the right direction. Contact point at the left rear side of the ball, forcing through the center of front running to the left. Hitting the cue ball through the left rear side force on the right front running. ⑤ After playing with former action: after playing with the former refers to play foot ball was still kicking leg when contact with the ball with the same swing speed swing and hip push action before continuing.


Effects: moderate result of kicking leg rapidly put forward inertia to maintain body balance, and next action balls can be increased strength and cohesion.


Process and requirements: when kicking up, due to the inertia of swinging leg with the ball continue swinging body homeopathic moved forward, opposite hands placed forward of the kicking leg, arm to push back on the same side, in order to maintain body balance and ease of interface next action.


Prone to mistakes: first, conscious stops leg swinging rapidly, affecting power ball. Second, the body moves without having to swing, affect convergence the next action.


Methods of technical analysis-playing with the ball


( 2 ) Method of playing


Playing mainly inside play, the instep’s frontally, instep kick, lateral play of the instep, and heel and toe kick play.


① the inside kick: it is inside of the metatarsophalangeal joint, with the foot scaphoid and triangular part of the calcaneus posed a playing method of contact.


Features: large contact area of the foot and the ball, threw the ball smoothly and accurately. Power ball is smaller.


Basic essentials: when you kick, straight running, support feet on the side of the ball 15 Centimeters, knees slightly bent, and in supporting foot touches the ground while kicking leg hip-swinging shaft from back to front. Knees in the front outside, inside is out playing ball and shank to speed up front, toes slightly turned up, feet parallel to the floor with his feet after hitting the medial part of the middle.


Play inside in the foot in contact with the ball, there are two methods: one is to push play. When this play foot ball, kick the legs to continue forward, and play ball longer contact time, threw the ball smoothly. Another is tapping play. While playing football, kicking leg leg swing is small, just leg quick front shot, after hitting the calf suddenly stops swinging, the exposure time is short, powerful.


Easy to make mistakes: first, the kicking leg knees outside enough, Toe is not cocked. Second, the leg I was too nervous, swept the ball into straight leg movements. Third, the kicking foot foot Varus.


II instep’s frontally-: is with the top side of the wedge on the front ends of the bones and metatarsals constitute parts of a play method for ball features: kicking leg swing, swing speed, play big ball of performance changes little, threw the ball and is single.


Basic essentials: when you kick, straight run-up, the last step and will actively support legs on the side of the ball around 10 ~ 12 Cm, toes on the direction of the ball, emblem of knee flexion, kicking leg is in front of the foot and pedal the last step of the run-up of high ground, homeopathic swing up to the right calf tortuous. In the supporting foot touches the ground at the same time, hip axis, placed forward drive shank by the back of the thigh, the moment when placed close to the ball just above the knees, calves do explosive forward, feet straight, toes buckle, after hitting the front middle of the instep. Kicking leg with the ball continued knee forward.


Easy to make mistakes: first, the position of the support feet deep, resulting lean back when playing, after playing, and threw the ball high. Second, when kicking leg in front, leg swinging too early, resulting in straight leg kick, ball limp. Third, the swing direction is not correct. Finally, when playing, for fear of the foot touching the ground, feet not straight, causing toe touching the ball.


Back leg front kick, beginners must master basic skills. In the game, often with instep kick rebounded the ball, air ball, bicycle kick and chopping. Here is master kick on the basics introduced to improve master’s movements are as follows:


Instep kick rebound the ball, to accurately determine the placement of the ball, landed and bounced back to the road, the body is on the ball rebound support legs on the side of the ball. When the ball landed, kicking leg calf haste in front, and when the ball has just bounced off the ground, with instep after hitting the middle. The pitfalls is that: the ball landed judgments are not allowed, leg too late, after hitting the bottom, hit on the high side.


Instep positive kicked air ball (sideways kicked air ball) Shi, first to judge strike of run route and determines good batting points, and makes body side on out ball direction, support feet up a step, toe points to out ball direction, upper body to support feet side tilt, playing feet of thigh led shank rapid to out ball direction waved pendulum, with instep positive playing of Hou Central, in pendulum leg playing of process in the body with of to out ball direction reverse. Play instant, eyes are always watching the ball, the body is on the direction of the ball. After the play, threw the ball direction. Pitfalls for this action is that swing too early or too late, resulting in missed kick. Support the toes do not have on the direction of the ball, limiting the body’s turn. Not enough upper body tilted, causing leg kicking waving above the diagonal, hit the ball in the lower part, threw the ball too high.


Instep kick ball, foot first step forward, knees bent, upper body leaning back, kicking leg hip-axis upwards to the wobble. As the ball landed on the head of the top is above the line, with instep hook kick back. This action is fallible: upper body leaning back enough, straight knee joint, resulting in kicking the ball is not behind the back up.


When hook instep kick started the ball. Judged the ball running routes and determine a good sweet spot, then step on the foot pedal to play jump and placed on the other leg, vacate the body back, eyes on the ball. In the other leg hem at the same time, kicking leg thigh-driven calf haste waving legs into scissors crossover in the air, after the instep’s frontally-Central, after playing with arms slightly bent, palms back down, fingers pointing out the ball in the opposite direction, bend your elbow. Then back, arm and landing. This action liable to make mistakes is afraid to hop or jump up back body.


When landing to the palms, fingers a wrong direction, likely caused when wrist contusion.


Instep while chopping off the top, below the swinging leg action from back to front, feet rubbing the ground, insert the toe end of the ball, playing bottom of the swing out over the ball by foot by foot along. The action easy mistakes while playing, the bottom of the toe is not a goal, causing contact is not correct.


③ instep kick: it is with the instep end of the medial cuneiform bone and bone parts contact a playing method of characteristics: kicking leg swing, swing speed, playing strength, due to the running direction, supporting foot position more flexible, big changes in the direction of the ball. Therefore, kicked the straight ball, long-distance curve balls, but also easy to turn around and play.


Basic essentials: when you kick, the oblique run-up, running with the ball into 45 ° Angle. Foot to foot outer positive step at the rear side of the ball 20~25 cm, bend your knees and feet toes point to the direction, the body leans slightly toward the support foot. In support feet with to while playing leg to hip for axis, thigh led shank by Hou forward pendulum, dang body steering out ball direction, knee pendulum to close ball of inside are above of moments, shank do outbreak type Qian pendulum, toe slightly to outside turned, foot stretched straight, toe buckle tight, toe points to oblique below, to instep inside playing of Hou Central (kicked high ball Shi, batting of in the lower), playing leg with ball continues to Qian pendulum.


Easy to make mistakes: first, after the position of the support feet, upper body leaning back when playing, easy to kick the ball high. Second, playing toes outside enough, contact parts are incorrect. Third, there is no direct kick toward the ball, formed outside the arc action so that a ball point.


Similarly, to teach instep inner edge place-kick beginners must master the basic moves. Done to improve, here’s a kick with the inner edge of instep kicking overheads, Curveball and turned to kick: introduced as follows:


At the inner edge of instep kicking above your head and rub, the action method is essentially the same as kick. Sustain pedal at the rear side of the ball, kick the feet don’t get too straight, kick the rear underrun, and slightly down from the action, the ball flew up and over the forward swing. Not playing ball forward. The pitfalls lie bottom of the kicking foot is not the goal, hit points are not lower after the ball, make the ball do not produce swing.


Instep turned play, running second last step, slightly out of the ball in the opposite direction, that is, to side-step out in front of the ball. In the last step when it kicked off from the ground, slightly beating, while body turning direction, support feet along the outside of the foot, toes pointing out, upper body leaning forward, knees bent. In the supporting foot touches the ground at the same time, kicking leg hip-axis swing forward drive shank by the back of the thigh. When the knee is placed close to the top of the inside of the moment, calf explosive swing, outside foot slightly turned, feet straight, toes buckle, beneath the toes pointing to Syria, after hit with instep part of Central kicking leg with the ball continue swinging. The actions liable to make mistakes is to support the toe does not refer to the ball of the foot. Turn and kick: incoherence, in turn and at the same time, swinging leg does not actively follow the front. Turn, no upper body leaning forward.


Instep when playing curveball, after parts of the instep kick. The swing direction through the sphere, in the moment of playing, ankles turned inward and upward, allowing the ball to side spin run along a curve. The pitfalls is that ankle is too big or too small.


④ instep side kick: is the touch method of playing the ball with the instep beta site.


Features: it frontally characteristics besides foot, leg and ankle flexibility due to the play greater changes direction more advantages, it was playing from the Curveball and the plucking, stroke the main method.


Basic essentials: kick (a straight ball), the run-up, the position of the support feet and kick his leg swing, essentially the same as the instep’s frontally. Just touch the ball with foot lateral. To put on the knee of the kicking leg close to the moment of directly above the calf when explosive forward, knees and feet turns inward, feet straight, toes buckle, and Central lateral parts of the foot after playing, kicking leg with the ball continue swinging.


Easy to make a mistake:


First, kicking, knees, and toes turn enough, cause contact sites was incorrect.


Second, support feet deep, resulting lean back when playing, after playing, and that threw the ball too high.


Lateral instep-kick for beginners must master the basic moves, but in the game, also used the instep lateral play curve ball or plucking the ball, in order to better understand top lateral play, introduced below, these two play as follows:


Instep while playing Curveball outside, supporting lateral rear foot on the ball about 15 ~ 20 Cm, kick the feet ankles and instep Central after the lateral play, the swing direction through the sphere, and continued to swing to the foot side of the front in order to increase the spin of the ball. The pitfalls is to play foot ankle not too hard, cue shaft in the swing direction is closer.


Lateral play plucked the ball of the foot, side-swing fast kicking leg knee-axis or side forward. Batting when the ankle quickly turned to pop the ball, kick the feet quickly recovered. Use this play ball play fast strumming to the outer side of the foot or side ahead.


⑤ toe kick: it is the touch method of playing the ball with the toe part.


Characteristics: the kicking leg swing, swing speed, focus focus of play, threw the ball fast and powerful, but smaller contact surface of the toes and ball, and accuracy of the ball was poor.


Basic essentials: playing toe and instep’s frontally-roughly the same, sustain pedal at the rear side of the ball.

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