Bubble football is a new game which involves two people that each one bumps onto one another in a funny way and works for the adults as well as the kids. It has its material coming from high-quality sources and made of a pure polyether which is one hundred percent TPU. The material has no poison, is safe to use, environmental friendly, poison free, and durable. The bubble should not be bumped off too much air portion as this will be disadvantageous since cushion will dominate. Too much-inflated football bubbles make partners bump each other hence the need for safety belts to handle such cases.

Product Specification and price

Bubble football has one millimeter PVC material which has a tensile strength that is excellent and meets other international standards. The standards met by the material make it resist abrasion forces, environmentally well, and is much flexible. The product comes with different kinds of colors; pink, orange, clear, and purple, among others with a loading weight of 200 kilograms. The production time is attributed to your requirements and is best used in snow, beaches, and grass among other public places. The product warranty is months and comes with full accessories: pump, repair kit, storage bag, and a free manual. The product comes in different packages, for instance, $250 bubble suits.


Bubble football is a psychologically good game that is of high quality and gives formation those pertaining good morals. It is used to enhance both mental and physical fitness as well as health promotion. Furthermore, bubble football is a good civilization spirit building as it is used t build and inspires national peace spirit. It is, therefore, convenient for fun as is yields an interactive sensation in football.

It is played by up to ten teams with each person putting on the bubble balls which are designed for all weather and even outdoor. The balls have been enhanced with handles that help one spill the pains in case of bouncing, jumping, rolling, and even tackles.


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