The popularity of bubble football may lure you into thinking that the game has been around for a very long time. This however is not the case as you will find out from these fun facts about the sport.

Bubble football started as a joke

Somewhere in Norway two buddies decided to try something new and exciting. These were none other than Johan Golden and Henrik Elvestad. Little did they know that what they started as a joke would grow to be one of the most loved and exciting sports in the world.

A single YouTube Video caused the Bubble Soccer Explosion

In April 2013, an Italian bubble football operator posted a video of the game on the popular video-sharing website YouTube. This led to chain of sharing and positive reactions from people all over the world.

According to reports by Google, the game that once had no searches received millions of searches in a week. The craze and crave for the game has never stopped since then.

The sharks’ refused to buy Bubble Football

ABC’s famous TV show, Shark Tank is famously know for having wealthy ready to invest in business ideas they think will turn out profitable. Well, on 20th November 2015, the idea of starting a National Association of Bubble Soccer in the US was presented to the sharks.But they turned the deal down claiming the plan had no actual goals. One of the Dymond John even told the CEO that he would hit a brick wall. It is important to note that this is not the case. Bubble soccer has been played in the U.S since 2014 with the association providing the equipment and even organising league matches.

Bubble football I played all over the world

Not many sports reach all parts of the world within a couple of years but bubble football was among the few. The game has reached almost all corners of the world within a very short time. It is played by the young and the old, the rich and the poor, workmates and colleagues.

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