Bubble ball soccer is a relatively new sport on the athletic event scene. It appeared as an alternative to soccer, or football in other countries, with a few unheard of twists. First of all, bubble ball soccer is full contact. Yes, you read that correct, it’s full contact. It’s fairly common to see players flip through the air and do other insane movements that would be considered ridiculous in any other sport. The main reason that this is possible it the large inflatable hamster like balls that surround the players. These serve as a cushions for when the players run into each other or fight for the ball. Recently there has been a lot of debate surrounding the world of bubble ball soccer because of health concerns. Although the bubble does absorb much of the impacts, they also make the player’s arms immobile and can heat up in the hot sunlight during play. However these problems have not even phased the dedicated players who spend every opportunity they can on the field and practicing.



Although this game seems like it would be fun to watch, and it is, it’s even more entertaining to play. There are numerous bubble ball soccer leagues throughout the nation and most major cities have several teams that compete every few weeks. Although some of these leagues are unofficial they still are just as much fun. Bubble ball soccer makes for an interesting hobby to do on the weekends or to mess around with some of your friends. Bubble ball soccer is a wonderful way to build relationships or learn for teams to work together. Corporate events are also very common and companies often like to encourage their teams to do events like this from time to time. All it takes is a little digging and the world of bubble ball soccer can be open to you!

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