The Football world is going crazy and falling head over heels with a new sport that began in Norway. Bubble football or soccer has become a world sensation just overnight despite its very humble beginnings.

Although the sport was originally rejected by many investors, it has swept across many parts of Europe and now ending up in the United States and New Zealand. A lot of credit has to be given to its creators because even though it involves kicking a football around, there is almost no possibility of getting hurt at all. The sport can be played now by men and women over the age of 10 years.

The Basics:

Properly protected by what is called a bubble football suit, players bounce into each other tackling for possession. The main intension is to score goals for their respective teams. Bubble football is an interesting sport played amongst friends, colleagues and family.

There are quite a number of different plays that can be involved in bubble football: –

1: One of the most common ones is the bubble bowling where a group of people stand at opposite ends of the pitch and have to run and dive at each other trying to knock themselves down.

2: The other most exciting play is the bulldog when one player has the job of knocking down as many players as he can to prevent them from getting to the other end of the pitch. Whoever gets knocked down, returns to the middle circle.

3: Last but not least is the bubble sumo. It involves two players standing in a circle and the aim is to try and push each other out of the circle.

Here are just a few of the Equipment listed at our Bubble football online shop:

At our online shop, we do understand the love of the sport by our customers so it is why we offer high quality affordable equipment that will guarantee safety in the sport. These Include: –

· The 1.5m bubble soccer suit and inflatable ball

· The 1.7m battle ball or Zorb ball

· 1.5m dia PVC blue dot and red dot suits

· An Air Blower Pump

· An inflatable soccer goal

· The 1100W big CE/UL Air pump

· The big bubble ball

· The carrying bag for the bubble football

Final words:

There is no way you will go back to normal football once you try out bubble football. It will literally leave you so well exercised and so happy that you will not be able to get enough of the fun of playing bubble football.

So, come on over to our online shop and get yourself a bubble football so you can also begin enjoying the now best sport on the planet. Maybe I spoke too soon but on a personal level, this sport helped me create friendships with so many of my workmates who I never thought I would even look at let alone talk to. So, get bumping and kicking and soon or later you find out what the excitement is all about.

13th June 2017


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