Inflatable Bubble Football
10th March 2015
what is bubble football
15th March 2015

More information about bubble football

1.What is Bubble Football?
Bubble football/Soccer,bumper ball is a large inflatable Sphere?that allows a person inside can organize Game,Sports Event and party in schools,camps,corporates and holiday park.

2.Where can Bubble Football be used?
We recommend using the Bubble Football on either grass or wooden floors such as basketball courts or Indoor sports Centers. Alternatively, you can buy a Bumper Ball Arena from us!

3.Who can use Bubble Football?
Bubble Football can be used by small kids as well as adults.The 1.5m(Dia) are perfect for kids and adult. The Bumper Balls have a padded harness on the inside of the ball which is easily adjusted to get the perfect fit, no matter what your size.

4.Is there an age limit for Bubble Football?
The minimum age is 6 years old and the maximum is 80 years old (as long as you°Øre in great health)!

5.Is there a weight limit for Bubble Football?
There is no minimum weight limit, but there is a maximum weight limit of 100Kgs.

6.Are you likely to get hurt?
The equipment(Bubble Ball) has been extensively tested and it°Øs hardly to get hurt as long as you follow our guidelines.

7.How many Bubble Football are available?
Whether you have a small group of mates wanting to have fun or a large corporate event, we can cater for any number! We do recommend a minimum of 6 Bumper Balls to get the REAL effect of the fun you can have! To make an enquiry, please contact us Direcly.

8.What is the material of Bubble Ball?
The Bubble Ball are made of the material called TPU or PVC.there are 0.8mmPVC,1.0mmPVC,0.6mmTPU and 0.8mmTPU in our company.

9.What is the difference between TPU or PVC?
1. TPU has higher strength and higher tenacity than PVC, so loading weight is different.
2. TPU is odorless, but PVC smells some kind of acrid especially under hot weather condition, so TPU is more environmental friendly than PVC.
3. TPU is with high purity and PVC is a mixture, so TPU will keep clear all the time and PVC will fade and become yellow as time passes by, so TPU°Øs lifespan is longer than PVC, because of its resistance to oxidation.

10.How to distinguish Polyether TPU and Polyester PVC? burning:they will release smoke, the black color smoke is PVC, the white color is TPU(enviromental friendly); 2. by cold temperature (air conditioner), turn harder material is pvc, still sofe is TPU. (we can put this two materials into 100degrees hot water for 2minutes, then take them out into cold water for a while, the color of polyester PVC will turn white, but polyether TPU still. )

11.What is Belt Straps on Bubble Ball?
The Belt Straps(Harnesses) on Bubble Ball are same as the Strap Belts on schoolbag.his reduces back strain, and is much more comfortable when carrying Bubble Balls.

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