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31st March 2015

Bubble Ball Football Rules simple

We loosely follow traditional Football rules. For example, there is no Off-Sides! You start the game with the Football ball in the middle of the field. […]
30th January 2015

bubble football equipments Rather Than Boxing Match: Intensifying Rivalry Does not Amount to Cold War

Shortly after US President Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard sealed the bilateral defense deal in November 2011 under which 2500 US marines will be […]
21st January 2015

reported cases in the English bubble football

They would be classed as a “guest” and subsequently cannot contribute to any dis- cussion taking place. Those that have registered predominantly use pseudonyms to protect […]
15th January 2015

Can the FIFA World Cup Bubble Football (Soccer)

Immediately prior to the 2010 Fe ́de ́ration Internationale de bubble Football Association (FIFA) bubble football (soccer) world cup tournament U.K. news agencies published a variety […]