If you are looking for some outdoor fun or want to have some time with your kids out of home, but you are boring of the old same stuff and you want to try on something new, this article is for you, as we all know safety is very important when you are talking of outdoors activities that involve children, when we talk about children, safety comes first and then comes the fun, but sports are not always the safeties activities on the world, so here I am going to talk about a product that involves both safety and sport in a very special and interesting way, so let’s talk about the new suits for making sport that will revolutionary the way he have thought about sport equipment.


That is the reason I will talk about a product that is going to keep your children safe, but at the same time will keep them entertain and very happy, because all the family and friends will enjoy playing some sports but without the danger of an injury, yes you read well without any danger, the bubble football is a revolutionary suit that fits for everyone that will keep you and your relates safe at any time while you are having the time of your life doing some healthy sport, this bubbles are built from a very flexible and durable plastics such as the PVC and the TPU, this suits have some structural elements that help to keep the core well centered all the time inside of the ball, these bubbles can also be colored if needed for some team play so you can easily know if the person in front of you is a teammate of is the rival, for that purpose and for a clear view, the bubble suit is transparent so you can be able to see who is inside the suit.

The bubble football weights around 10 and 15 pounds, every bubble suit has his own valve for filling and emptying purposes that come with a pump, the suits can be inflate and deflate for the quick time of two and a half minutes, and they can be stow easily inside a medium duffel or your gym bag, If you are worry about the size, like any other sport you can dream up. Bubble football suits have an open space just in the middle for suits your body, with shoulder straps and grip handles right in front of you. Bubble football suit is most commonly almost five feet but can be smaller as 3.9ft or 5.9ft.

Because they are made of plastic, the bubbles are completely water resistant, but you probably must want to give them a good clean after you use them just like you would to any other sports product you own.

So as you can see this bubbles cover all you need to have a lot of fun while you are in the outdoor with all your family, do not lose more time and get your own bubble to get start with this new level experience in sports activities.

1st April 2015

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If you are looking for some outdoor fun or want to have some time with your kids out of home, but you are boring of the […]