Bubble Football Buy

1st April 2015

Buy Bubble Football

If you are looking for some outdoor fun or want to have some time with your kids out of home, but you are boring of the […]
31st March 2015

Bubble Ball Football Rules simple

We loosely follow traditional Football rules. For example, there is no Off-Sides! You start the game with the Football ball in the middle of the field. […]
26th March 2015

Now Bubble Football is very popular in UK

Bubble Football is physical,exhilarating,and enormous fun for children adn adults.Kidfun prodcues the most durable body zorb ball n mainland China. Inside the body zorb ball your […]
18th March 2015


Put simply, Bubble Football is the most fun you can have in one day!! The world’s latest adrenalin sport is guaranteed to get your blood racing […]