We loosely follow traditional Football rules. For example, there is no Off-Sides! You start the game with the Football ball in the middle of the field. The players stand on their prospective goal lines & when the ref blows the whistle everyone runs to the ball at the same time resulting in some Bubble Ballers rolling around on the ground! The real fun is just beginning because when you crash into another player, both of you will go flying in different directions.
Each team typically has 5 players and at least 1 substitute
The game is exhilarating & exhausting so bring a sub if possible
Substitutions can be made during the game as needed
There are 4 periods lasting 12 minutes each with a few 2 minute breaks
Each team can call a 2 minute timeout during a half
All play stops immediately when the referee blows the whistle
No kicking or bumping into a player when they are are down
No bumping a player when they are trying to stand back up
Don’t knock down someone who is not facing you
No fighting – ejections will happen (no refunds)
No launching into anybodys legs at any time
No kicking the equipment (Bubble Balls)
If the Bubble Ball gets punctured please let the ref know
You must remain in the Bubble Ball when in play
Please arrive 20 minutes early to sign waiver & get comfortable in the Bubble Ball! Don’t forget to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated during the game!

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