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Inflatable Transparent Disco Dome Bubble Tents


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An inflatable Disco Bubble Tent is a private area for those who care and love one another. It provides them a conducive environment with enough space to spend time together away from home and work. It can be used by those dating, those in relationships, family camping, friends on holidays, those working together, to mention but a few. It is assembled in such a way that it can contain furniture to sit or lie on, wardrobes to keep personal items, bulbs for lighting, and beds to sleep and rest on. An inflatable Disco Bubble Tent maintains that comfort you always have while at home, except with a slight twist regarding the transparent walls.

An inflatable Disco Bubble Tent is meant for outdoor use in parks, picnic centers, amusement parks, beach surroundings, backyards, gardens, grassy areas in preserved forests, hillsides, snowfields or any other safe place with a good view. The main advantage is that while inside the tent, there is guaranteed protection from being in contact with harsh sunshine, strong winds, rain, sand, snow ice, and bugs, among others. This implies that you can even spend time playing in the snow and thereafter run inside the tent, to shield you from freezing. Furthermore; it is mostly used for spending leisure time during holidays, camping, exhibitions, trade shows, advertising, promotions, and providing shelter.
An inflatable Disco Bubble Tent can be used by both children and adults, though young children should use them in the presence of their parents or other responsible adults. It is present in various designs for purchase and rent for personal or business purposes. It is actually very interesting because it can be customized to be completely transparent or half transparent. This provides the users an opportunity to view the surrounding from inside. For instance; viewing the sloping valleys from a hillside, staring at the stars in the middle of the night, and looking at those swimming and surfing from the beach side. For further information and bookings, feel free to contact us on this website.